Rooftop IX:Sticky Time

Opening date: 08 October 2017
Closing date: 31 January 2017

Curatorial statement. Gwen Miller

The plasticity of time in our present experience not only creates complexity but also can seemingly stretch or freeze the present negating the clock. Time could be slippery or sticky, proceeding with “increments and losses in transit, with resistances and transformers in circuit” (Kubler 2013:28).  It may also be regular and predictable – unstoppably marching forward.

In Re-thinking technologies Paul Virilio (1993) writes that time is interlinked with concepts of space, mechanics of motion, unfolding events and in particular, one’s own body:

Clearly the urbanization of real time entails first of all the urbanization of “one’s own body,” which is plugged into various interfaces (computer keyboards, cathode screens, and soon gloves or cyberclothing), prostheses that turn the over-equipped, healthy (or “valid”) individual into the virtual equivalent of the well-equipped invalid.

A few decades after Virilio’s publication, electronic culture has saturated our existence beyond the tentative animosity one reads in Virilio.  Exhibiting artists reflect on the multi-layered and complex idea of Sticky TIME.  We probe ideas of how our warped bodies become incredible archives of time, how time is demographically dispersed, and how time becomes enacted and embodied in the objects, sites and experiences we are immersed in.

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