2007 Cultural Encounters
2009 Untitled Exhibition
2010 Celebrating Pretoria

Anton Gericke was born in Johannesburg in 1947. As a youngster he traveled extensively with his parents who were in the hotel trade. He attended school in Port Elizabeth and furthered his studies in Pharmacy in Potchefstroom. He attended courses in art and also painted with some well known South African Artists. He was particularly influenced by artists Errol Boyle, Wessel Marais, Dale Elliot and Pieter Millard.

For the last 30 years, Anton was also very active in the Pharmacy Community service in Pretoria City Center as Debruynpark Pharmafriend, and apart from his love for music, a very talented player of the saxophone.

Anton Gericke brings us peaceful landscapes and scenes of Arniston with the traditional fishing boats and cottages. The softness of his pictures reflects his soul and intense love for the Lord, Jesus Christ has rubbed off on so many people that have crossed his path and with this artistic talent brings joy to so many people.

Anton and Ronel’s daughters, Murentia Moffat and Carla Bosch, inherited their talent from him. Since childhood, Anton taught them to be observant to the beauty of creation. All honor and glory to our Father.