St. Lorient: Masterpieces in Fashion and Art

Much like an artist draws his brush across a page, so Lucy Anastasiadis, Creative Director of St. Lorient Fashion and Art Gallery, ensures that elements of fashion are intertwined to create a masterpiece of clothing. A Fusion of Fashion and Art aptly describes the elegance and style of the brand’s base – a modern masterpiece on the brink of Brooklyn-Circle. This gallery is unique in that, not only do they showcase designer wear for ladies, but also an array of artworks from South African artists.

“I analyse a piece of art exactly the same way I read a book”, says Lucy. “What was the process that got them there, what was the artists’ inspiration, what is the intent of the piece? The same applies when I put on my Creative-Director hat and sit down with an idea in mind.”

Artist: Jimmy Law

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