2011 Nude Exhibition

It is a sobering thought out when one compares the word capital to cardinal, central, chief, controlling, essential, foremost, important, leading, main, major, overruling, paramount, pre-eminent, primary, prime, principle, prominent, vital to excellent, fine, first, first rate, splendid, superb. (Collins concise dictionary and thesaurus.)

A principle example of change in question could be the remains of the proud capital theatre cinema in city centre tshwane which now functions as a depository for daily commuters’ vehicles.

The status of South Africa’s capital is influenced by the migration of people, cultures, traditions and ideology.

In the 1970’s, this city was the benchmark of civil service, civil status, civil obedience. In the decades to follow the jacaranda city was celebrated into its new status of an African liberated (global) village where Oom Paul remains the only stationary figure head of this chief town. It has devilishly cost its importance as a destination venue, except for the Blou Bulle.