This exhibition is dedicated to my late mother Mary Voutsas.

My earliest recollection as a child colouring in was sitting in-between the steel fire escape steps in the courtyard of the block of flats we lived and colouring in the on the patterned steps with wax crayons.

Art has always been my secret, my stronghold against the outside world and my tool of empowerment.

Art materials, such as pencils, paints and inks, are the creation of my world , a utopia of infinite possibilities.

Where the metamorphosis of my soul is drawn and breaks open.

I never dreamed that I would become an artist and colour would be my tool to unlocking all my fantasies and hidden destinations.

World s of desire, needs, dreams and passions all waiting to be transformed through images and symbols.

I have always journal my ideas by keeping visual diaries.

It’s my drawings in my diaries, that have been my psychic tools, holding records of my soul’s unfolding journey, knowing that where I am and where I am going is the place I am meant to be in.

It’s the journals that are the seeds to the flowering creation of my works on display.

This is my first time I am exposing my art to the world in the truest sense of the word.

I have always been to scared to expose it to the fullest, and now its come of age to be revealed.

A readiness of growth and development I could own, without my spirit been amputated.

If I had exposed it before its fruition, the caterpillar could have been crushed forever unable to metamorphosis into a Butterfly and fly.

Colour has always been my passion and my strongest feature.

Colour it dictates itself to me as it feels .Through colour the richness to my to my work unfolds telling it ‘s own story.

My main themes of inspiration come from the following sources, travelling abroad and taking photographs of what delights and inspires me, magazines and visiting museums.

Painting is a soul journey, a journey which I have chosen knowing before , I was born which is only now strong enough to flap its wings and fly.

The Butterfly has left the cocoon transformed and shed its wings.

Metamorphosis has begun …