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There have always been close ties between the fashion and the art worlds.

My vision was to create collaboration between artists, textile designers and the fashion designers.

The event date was 1st November 2014.

Ten artists have been chosen: Andre Naude, Gordon Froud, Celia de Villiers, Anton Smit, Tommy Motswai, Gwen Miller, Petro Neal, Michaella Janse van Vuuren, Thelma van Rensburg and Tanisha Bhana. They have created a painting, sculpture or any other art piece in their medium of choice.

These art pieces was then be given over to the textile designer who has interpreted the art piece into fabric.

Then the fashion designer students, (TUT 2nd year Fashions students) have used the printed fabric to design and create 10 couture fashion garments either for women or men.

St.Lorient will host an event where the artists, textile designers and the fashion designers will exhibit the couture garment on the 1st November 2014.

The garments were displayed by models alongside the art piece.

After the event the art piece and garment (on a dummy) will be on exhibition for duration of about 6 weeks at ST LORIENT FASHION & ART GALLERY.

St Lorient, as a fashion brand has been around for 35 years and will give guidance in all the stages of this collaborative event/exhibition.